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To be a centre of knowledge, experience, innovative solutions, development oriented, and at the service of the economy and entrepreneurs


  1. create new entrepreneurs by stimulating of entrepreneurship in Križevci and supporting entrepreneurs in realizing their projects
  2. create new jobs stimulating the development of new products that will be competitive on the global market.
  3. assist innovators and young entrepreneurs in realizing and commercializing their innovations and entrepreneurial projects.
  4. create a positive climate in society for the development of entrepreneurship and new products
  5. develop vocational, technical, and business self-confidence in the era of



The world of entrepreneurship, knowledge, innovations and economic development in Križevci

What is Križevci Development Centre and Technology Park (DCTP)

DCTP is a business organization established to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development in Križevci, and, as an incubator, to assist small entrepreneurs in the initial phase of the development. DCTP realizes tasks from the Strategy for the Development of the City of Križevci 2013 to 2018, which is described in Measure 1.4, Stimulating the Entrepreneurial Climate and Measure 1.5, Development of Business Infrastructure.

The Development Centre and Technology Park is managed by Križevci Entrepreneurial Centre Ltd.


DCTP will operate in five buildings of the former Stjepan Lacković Military Barracks in the centre of Križevci with the total area of 8,490 m2.

Four buildings (A,B,C,D), with the total area of 5,135 m2, have modern, furnished offices for newly established and existing companies with their own connection to electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet, and sanitary facilities. They are divided into modules of various sizes that can be used by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs under favorable terms.

Every module has a separate entrance from a paved pedestrian area with the possibility of connecting to the heating and cooling system. The project will provide six modules of various sizes that can be connected depending on the technical needs of a user.

In the Building E, which has a total area of 3,175 m2, there will be a research laboratory and common facilities for entrepreneurs – meeting rooms, a conference hall, equipment for reproduction, projections, etc. The building will also house management offices, special offices for entrepreneurs, a café, an exhibition area for new products and innovations of entrepreneurs from the Technology Park, and a reception desk.

Holder and investor of Project and partners

The City of Križevci is the project leader and investor for the construction and establishment of the Development Centre and Technology Park. The project partners are the Križevci College of Economics (Visoko gospodarsko učilište Križevci) and the Križevci Entrepreneurial Centre, which will head the development of entrepreneurial services and manage the DCTP.

How is DC-TP designed, financed and approved

The Križevci Development Centre and Technology Park project was selected as the best project among the 32 projects that competed in the first round and, after the development of the study, it was selected as the best project among seven projects that competed in the second round.

The project was approved by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds within the Operational Program for Regional Competitiveness 2007 – 2013 and was awarded the financing in the amount of 33,817,117.60 kunas.

This project is a part of the program Creating the Preconditions for Sustainable Support for the Development of the Competitiveness of the Economy and Further Development of the Technological Infrastructure in Northwest Croatia, the goal of which is to raise the competitiveness of companies of this area of Croatia on the basis of the “smart” specialization of the region and increasing the skills of its inhabitants.

The project mandates that DC-TP will create the infrastructure preconditions and an innovative business environment that will permit the opening of new companies and stimulate the sustainable growth and competitiveness of existing companies in key promising and dynamic economic branches of northwest Croatia.

The deadline for completion of the project is September 2016.

Why Križevci needs the technology park

Križevci needs the technology park to stimulate the establishment of a large number of small, private companies, and the growth and the development of the existing ones, to stimulate the creation of new jobs, and to increase the city’s revenues through successful operation of the companies.

New jobs will reduce emigration from Križevci and improve the outlook for young people to live and establish a family in Križevci.

Why would an entrepreneur from another city come to DCTP

DCTP wants to attract entrepreneurs from other parts of Croatia, particularly from Zagreb, to Križevci by providing them excellent business and working conditions, reduced operating costs with a lower surtax, good traffic connections to the surrounding cities, and the full support of the municipal government.


The goals of operating DC-TP

  1. To increase the number of new jobs
  2. To increase the number of entrepreneurs that have export potential in Križevci
  3. To increase the number of new products, competitive on the global market, created through their own development
  4. To realize connections with colleges and other scientific institutions
  5. To become a centre for networking with support institutions in the surrounding area


How DCTP will realize its goals

The goals will be realized in the technology park through a complex process for “the creation, growth and development of entrepreneurs” that begins in secondary school, continues in the faculties, enters the technology park through the phase of the incubation, growth and development, and continues after leaving the technology park.

Within that process:

  • establishing of new, small private companies will be stimulated and assisted
  1. activities will be undertaken in schools and faculties
  2. people will be informed about entrepreneurship
  3. preparations and education for the entrepreneurship will be carried out


  • the growth and the development of the existing companies will be stimulated and assisted
  1. providing existing companies with support in development through education, marketing assistance, appearances at the market, fairs, credits, etc.
  2. programs for introducing the ISO 9001:2000 quality system
  3. programs for restructuring companies, introducing new methods of operation, new organizational structures and new technologies


  • creating innovations and the development and innovativeness of products will be stimulated and assisted
  1. stimulation for creating innovators should be started in schools and faculties
  2. creating a project “The Commercialization of Innovations” and providing support to innovators from the idea stage to a product’s appearance on the market
  3. support through the programs for increasing competitiveness
  4. transfer of technology from scientific institutions to entrepreneurs
  5. cooperation with scientific institutions on development projects


Participation of DC-TP

DC-TP Križevci will:

  1. provide entrepreneurs with the business space for work,
  2. stimulate the development of entrepreneurship – through promotion, lectures, etc.,
  3. assist in establishing of companies – by advice, education, grants
  4. support growth and development – by mentorship, business advice, cost reduction, marketing, business education, grants,
  5. provide the support in the process of developing a new product and increasing competitiveness – establishing a quality system, improving a business operation, obtaining attestations and certificates, improving organization and management,
  6. carry out training for entering global markets – participation in fairs, learning foreign languages, rules of operation in foreign markets, etc.,
  7. manage programs for the creation, development, rewarding and commercialization of innovations,
  8. assist entrepreneurs in registering for domestic and EU competitions,
  9. cooperate with scientific institutions on development projects,
  10. cooperate in preparing strategic developmental economic projects of Križevci.


In DC-TP, activities will be carried out by

  1. potential entrepreneurs in the pre-incubation phase
  2. new entrepreneurs-beginners
  3. entrepreneurs in the growth and development phase of the growth from Križevci
  4. entrepreneurs in the growth and development phase who will be attracted to Križevci from other locations


What entrepreneurs will gain in DC-TP

  1. Mentorship and consulting – advice on operations and permanent assistance
  2. Reduced costs for office space
  3. Use of the infrastructure – Internet/Intranet, negotiation rooms, equipment for reproduction, projectors, etc.
  4. Assistance in marketing – participation in shows, a common website, common brochures, broadcasts on TV and radio, newspaper articles
  5. Quality management based on ISO 9000
  6. Support for innovations – joint appearances for innovations and support for commercialization
  7. Common projects and clusters – cooperation on major projects
  8. Business education
  9. Synergy of the system – stimulative, working, developmental, innovator environment
  10. Incentivized, creative and stimulating working environment