City of Križevci

The city of Križevci is the second largest city in Koprivnica–Križevci County. It has a rich tradition in crafts and a developed entrepreneurial base. According to the last census (2011), the Križevci and its immediate surroundings has a population of 21,155 and an area of 263.72 km².

Križevci is a junction for many roads. A section of the state roadway D41 (Koprivnica – Vrbovec) passes through Križevci.

The city is also a link of that highway toward Varaždin via the D22 state roadway, and via the road toward Bjelovar.

A railway line also passes through Križevci, in the direction Križevci–Vrbovec–Zagreb and Križevci–Bjelovar. Construction of a new road, the so-called Podravina Highway with a total length of 172 km is in the completion phase. In addition to this highway, construction of a second track Dugo Selo – Križevci is being planned.